New Sections Added
05-16-11 10:05am

I have added 2 new sections to the projects section of this site. I added a Comic Scripts section and a Pixel Art section. They can both be found under the Projects menu.

Recent Updates
05-12-11 1:00pm

I have recently added more map symbols to the Projects/Map Symbols section of the site.

I will be adding a copy of my short comic script to the projects section later this week. There will also be some more Map Symbols coming and I will be adding some maps as soon as I can dig them out of my old folders.

I also will be adding a page with links to some of my favorite sites, more for my own benefit, but also to help share my favorite things

New Site
05-04-11 5:10pm

Welcome to This is my personal site for all my various projects. I just did a rewrite of the layout so I hope that it is looking good on your browser.

Currently I am still adding new and old content back to the site. I will update as I can in this space. For now you can check out my blog (infrequently updated :P ), CBViewer, and my latest project of classic RPG map symbols for Dungeonographer